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What Is Fat?

Posted by Admin

Fat is a large cluster of smaller compounds that are stored in our bodies or found in food, which exist in a structure called triglycerides. These triglycerides consist of three separate fatty acids, which are connected together by a different molecule called glycerol.

Depending on the composition and structure of fat at room temperature; it can either be liquid or solid. Fat at room temperature that is in liquid form is usually called fats, oils, or lipids. But, fats can also mean fats that are in solid form at room temperature. Lipids can also mean either solid or liquid fats. On the other hand, oils are used for substances that do not mix with water. These oils are normally greasy; such as essential oils, crude oil, and heating oil no matter what chemical structure they have.


Roles of Fat in Body

Not all fats are bad for the body as we have discussed earlier. When a person tries to get rid of excess fats or bad fats from the body, he should be careful not to eradicate the good fats because good fats have important functions for the body. It should be noted that fats have functions, which are very crucial in maintaining body’s health and proper functioning such as:

•   Fats supply essential fatty acids, which are part of our dietary requirement. Vitamins such as A, D, E, and K are only digested, transported, and absorbed in the body through fats because they are fat-soluble.

•   Fats are important in maintaining healthy hair and skin. It is essential in padding the organs of the body from shock. It promotes healthy cell functions and maintains body temperature.

•   When the body releases glycerol, glycerol is converted to glucose that is used as the body’s source of energy. Therefore, fats store up energy for the body. However, a healthy liver is also necessary for this function. The liver is the organ that releases glucose.

•   Fats are also effective and essential in confining host of diseases until it is flashed out of the body.

How Body Eliminates Fat?

Actually, the total amount of fat you eat is not related with any disease. It is the type of fat that you eat which matters. Eating bad fats, which are saturated and trans fats; increase the risk and occurrence of certain diseases. On the other hand, good fats, which are the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated; lower the risk and occurrence of diseases.

Normally, unwanted body fats are eliminated by the body through hair growth, urination, excretion, sebum excretion, and intentional bloodletting. Therefore, people who want to get rid of excess or unwanted fat resort to exercising and dieting. However, it is not advisable to remove fat completely from a person’s daily diet. As mentioned earlier, some fatty acids are crucial in maintaining good health.

When using exercise to eliminate fat in the body, the person should first consult a physician before undergoing any exercise program. The best form of exercise is strength training. With strength training, the body does not only eradicate unwanted fats, but build muscles as well. Building muscle is one way of maintaining healthy body.

When it comes to dieting, the best way is to choose healthy fats instead of bad fats. Here are some suggestions that can help attain healthy fats:

•   Instead of using animal fats, use liquid plant oils such as canola, olive, or corn oil for cooking and baking. This type of oil can also be used for salad dressings or vinaigrette.

•   When you go shopping in supermarkets, check labels and choose those that are free of trans fats. In restaurants, order foods that are trans free.

•   Select lean meat and low-fat milk. If you really cannot get rid of full-fat cheeses, eat in small amount and less frequent.

•   Including at least one food that is rich in omega 3 is a good practice in getting rid of bad fats.

•   Eliminate food that contains hydrogenated oils such as butter. Choose that has no trans fat.

Another way to eliminate unwanted fats faster is to take diet or slimming pills. Combining these pills with exercise and proper diet will work effectively to maintain good amount of fat in the body. It is one of the best methods to maintain good body size and weight.

Types of Fat

A fat molecule has properties and these properties depend on the specific fatty acids that it is made up of. Each fatty acid consists of different numbers of hydrogen and carbon atoms. These hydrogen and carbon atoms determine the type of fats that include:

•   Saturated Fat

Saturated Fat means that the carbon atoms are bonded with as much hydrogen as possible, which makes it saturated. This type of fat is not good for the body because to much of it may cause or increase inflammation all over the body and increase blood cholesterol levels. High saturated fat intake is related to other health problems such as some forms of cancer and diabetes.

•   Unsaturated Fat

Unsaturated Fat has two categories: the monounsaturated fats and the polyunsaturated fats. Monounsaturated fats are those in which a carbon atom is bonded to only one hydrogen and have a double bond to an adjacent carbon atom, while, a polyunsaturated fat is with more than one double bond. Unsaturated fats are considered good fats and are usually found in foods rich in omega-3 and omega-6, olive oil, peanuts and peanut oil, canola oil, walnuts, flaxseeds; to name a few.

•   Trans Fats

Trans Fats are commonly commercially produced, which makes it a bad fat and most harmful to health. These fats are not disposed by metabolizing as the other fats; therefore, may increase the risk of coronary heat ailment. There are also some meats and dairy that contains trans fats. But, the unnatural trans fats are found in partially hydrogenated oils that are artificially manufactured. At the start, partially hydrogenated oils were created to increase shelf life and promote stability to processed foods. However, people have learned that trans fats cause good cholesterol to decrease bad cholesterol to increase.

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